About Us

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Assorted Animals is a website that is dedicated to bringing reliable information to the public about the animal kingdom. We spend time with animals and collect data and information on animal behavior, to help understand the relationship between animals and nature.

Who Are We?

Our group is made up primarily of researchers Chad Fox and Angela Petree. With help from a few other friends and experts, we have formed this website to educate people on wildlife and wild animals.

We enjoy researching, spending time with animals, collecting data, and putting everything together to bring a better understanding of wild animals and how we as humans can observe them, learn about them, and know how to handle situations in the wild.

Assorted Animals | Our Mission

Our mission at Assorted Animals is to provide reliable and educational information about wildlife through engaging and informative learning modules, including articles and videos. We strive to increase public knowledge and appreciation of animals and to promote the conservation and protection of wildlife and their habitats.

Why We Do It

Our dedication to animals comes from a place of compassion and understanding. Many wild animals are misunderstood, and we want to help bridge the gap of information that is out there, and bring it all together in one place.

We want our experience with animals to help steer people in the right direction if they spot a wild animal, find a wounded animal, or in other situations where having a little bit of knowledge can help keep you from getting into bad situations.


We plan to bring you reliable information about wild animals for as long as we can. Working with animals and writing about them is very rewarding for us, we love them, we love learning about them, and can’t wait to share this adventure with you!