Can Coyotes Jump Fences (With Video Example)

Coyotes are an animal that has adapted very well. Despite the world changing around them, they continue to find ways to survive. This includes surviving in areas where human populations exist.

Can Coyotes Jump a Fence?

Yes, coyotes can jump over fences. They can jump into the air around 3-6 feet, and they are capable of jumping or leaping over fences. They can also scale large fences by running and climbing the fence, using their strong front and back legs to get over and climb down the other side.

Coyotes have had a lot of time throughout the years to perfect their ability to climb over human structures. This makes the “coyote fence” Delima, a little harder to solve when you have to keep them out.

This has allowed them to expand their territories and get access to easier food sources, such as livestock, and plentiful small game sources, such as squirrels and rodents, that are found in urban areas.

Do Fences Keep Coyotes Out?

One of the best ways we have to protect our animals and keep unwanted creatures, such as coyotes, from our doors, is by using fences. Fencing provides a barrier between dangers that exist externally while adding a layer of protection to the contents inside.

Do fences keep coyotes out? Sometimes. However, coyotes are very clever, and sometimes it takes a little bit more than a fence to keep them away. Fortifying your fence and yard is the best step to keeping them out.

By having a tall fence, with no broken pieces or holes that an animal could slip through, you provide at least the basic requirements for keeping coyotes out. Some fences work better than others, which we will discuss in detail.

How High Can a Coyote Jump?

On average, a coyote can jump around 3 feet into the air. However, there have been reports of coyotes jumping as much as 6 feet into the air. In some cases, they can run and get momentum, allowing them to leap higher with more force.

If a coyote is alarmed by something, like a bright light, or a loud barking dog, they may jump higher due to the amount of adrenaline that they have at that moment. When animals are stressed their adrenaline levels spike, causing them to act more erratically.

How To Keep Coyotes From Jumping Fence

If you believe that you have a problem with coyotes coming around your property, then you may be looking for ways to keep them from getting over your fences. Here are a few ways to keep coyotes from jumping fences.

1. Some types of fencing can be better at not allowing coyotes to get a foothold. Livestock fencing, such as metal grid fencing can be a great deterrent for coyotes because the large squares don’t have the smaller corners that are used to get a grip, like in chain link fencing.

2. Coyote Rollers can be added to the top of your fence. Coyote rollers are metal tubes that spin when a coyote or other animal tries to climb over them. This keeps them from getting the traction they need to successfully get over the fencing and down the other side.

Another last tip for keeping coyotes from jumping your fence is to place coyote repellents out along the parameter of your fence. These repellents use scents from other predators to deter coyotes. These can be very effective methods for keeping coyotes out.

Coyote-proof fencing can also be a great solution for keeping coyotes off of your property and your pets protected. Source.

Can a Coyote Jump a Chainlink Fence?

Coyotes are very good at climbing when the right conditions are met. Chainlink fences provide them with exactly what they need to climb. The close corners and small inner areas, allows them to get enough footing to climb upwards.

There have been reports of coyotes climbing chainlink fences that are as high as 14-16 ft high! If the fencing gives them the footing, then they can and will climb large heights if they are running from something, or if they know that there is a food source on the other side.

Can Coyotes Jump Wooden Fences

This depends on the size of the wood fence. Coyotes can scale and climb fences up to 6 ft tall. Any wood fence that is under 6 ft tall would not be an effective measure to keep coyotes off of your property. 8-10 ft wooden fences would probably do the job.

The wood fencing does not have the small holes and grips that a coyote needs to get a good foothold. However, they may still be able to climb a wood fence by getting their claws into the wood, or by getting their digits inside of the cracks between the wood and pulling themselves up.

Coyotes jumping fences – Example video.

Aren’t Coyotes Scared of Humans?

In most cases, coyotes are scared of humans. They generally try to keep away from human activity and are afraid of loud noises and people. However, this is not enough to keep them from coming around. The main reason a coyote is going to come onto someone’s property is going to be food.

If there is a food source on that property, whether it’s small game animals like squirrels, left out pet food, or food scraps, coyotes are going to want to investigate. If they find that it is easy to get into the property, they may attempt to come back multiple times.

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Will a Coyote Jump a Fence to Get to a Dog?

If the dog is small enough, there is a chance that a coyote may jump a fence to get to the dog. Small dogs and pets can be easy prey, however, if they bark loud enough, they may spook them away.

Larger dogs usually scare coyotes. If the dog is bigger, then it is not going to be a fight that the coyote will want to pick. They generally go for easy kills. Many dogs are actually known as guardian animals and have been used throughout the ages to keep predators away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can coyotes jump a 4ft fence?

Yes, coyotes can jump a 4ft fence. They can leap very high into the air and have been known to jump over fences 4ft high. The type of fencing would not matter here, since they would be able to leap over the fence.

Can coyotes jump over 6ft fence?

Coyotes have been known to be able to jump over 6 ft fences. While the average coyote can only jump around 3ft into the air, some have been reported jumping over fences as high as 6ft.

Can coyotes jump walls?

Solid walls are much harder for coyotes to scale. If the wall is under 6ft a coyote will be able to jump over it, but if the wall is higher then the coyote would have a hard time getting any kind of footing or grip to get to the top, or over.

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